Denomination of Origin

Denomination of Origin - Is a concept applied to the designation of some wines whose originality and individuality are linked to a specific region, being:

  • Wines originated and produced in that region.
  • Wines that have qualities or characteristics that are, essentially or exclusively, a result of the geographical background, including natural and human factors.

To be able to benefit from the denomination of origin, all of the process of wine production is subject to a rigorous control in all of its phases, from the vines up until the consumer. The grape varieties, the methods used in the transformation of grapes into wine and the organaleptic characteristics are simply a few elements whose control permits an attribution of that right.

The Regional Viticulture Commission is responsible for this control so as to guarantee the quality and genuineness within the demarcated regions.

(Law nº. 8/85, 4th of June)

Denomination of the origin of Portuguese Wines

Source: The Institute of Vines and Wines

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