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Official Designations

VQPRD (Quality wines that are produced in a delimited region)

A community nomenclature also adopted in our country. This designation covers all of the wines classified as DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) and IPR (Indicação de Proveniência Regulamentada). The regions are classified so that appropriate regulations may be laid down.

There also exists a nomenclature applied to liqueur wines and bubbly wines:

VLQPRD Liqueur quality wine produced in a delimited region.
VEQPRD - Bubbly quality wine produced in a delimited region.
VFQPRD  Fizzy quality wine produced in a delimited region.

DOCDenomination of Controlled Origin

The name given to wines whose production is traditionally linked to a region that is geographically delimited and subject to a number of rules consigned in legislation (characteristics of the soil, recommended and authorised grape varieties, practices of winegrowing, alcoholic content, training time, etc.)
In reality, only the oldest producing regions of this type of wine, obtained this statute.

IPR - Indication of Regulated Provenance

The name given to wines that, although have particular characteristics, have to follow, in a period of at least 5 years, all of the rules established for the production of high quality wines, so that they can then be classified as DOC.

Regional Wine

Classification given to table wines with a geographical indication. As well as wines that are produced in a specific region; made with grapes that come from at least 85% of the same region and from authorised and recommended grape varieties; subject to a system of certification. (Decree nº. 309/91, 17th of August.)

Table Wines

Table Wines are wines that are destined for human consumption and that do not follow the criteria previously mentioned.