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We ship to the destinations indicated in the table.

If your destination is not specified, please contact us to check shipping options.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping address and number of items in your order and are indicated at checkout.

We suggest buying 6, 12, 18, 24 and multiples to benefit from the best shipping prices.

The quantities indicated can be different wines. You can mix several references.

DESTINATION6 Bottles12 Bottles18 Bottles24 Bottles
Germany          €13.71€17.71€19.25€28.49
Austria    €16.02€18.79€21.87€32.19
Belgium    €14.48€17.56€20.79€26.03
Croatia    €30.80€36.96€46.20€46.20
Denmark          €16.02€18.79€39.60€52.80
Slovakia      €22.33€24.95€28.00€49.90
Slovenia      €22.33€24.95€32.95€49.90
Spain    €9.24€11.66€13.86€18.00
United States€88.00€109.00€197.00€218.00
Estonia    €30.80€36.96€46.20€46.20
Finland      €24.64€29.57€36.96€46.82
France        €14.41€18.79€21.41€30.65
Hong Kong€24.00€48.00€72.00€96.00
Hungary    €41.27€42.81€52.67€61.29
Ireland (Republic)      €24.64€29.57€36.96€46.82
Italy        €16.63€19.97€22.79€32.34
Latvia    €30.80€36.96€46.96€73.92
Liechtenstein      €12.80€14.50€19.44€25.92
Lithuania          €30.80€36.96€67.76€73.92
Luxembourg      €16.02€18.79€21.87€32.19
Poland    €18.48€20.02€21.56€35.42
Portugal          €12.80€14.50€19.44€25.92
United Kingdom

Czech Republic    €16.02€18.79€21.87€32.19
Singapore      €24.00€48.00€72.00€96.00
Sweden      €30.80€36.96€46.20€58.52


All prices include VAT and alcohol tax

All products in our catalog are available in stock.

We have special discounts for quantities over 72 bottles (Request a quote)

Means of Payment

We use secure payment platforms Paypal and Stripe. We do not keep your bank details.

We accept payment by Paypal / Credit Card (VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MAESTRO) and local payments (via STRIPE) and Bank Transfer

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